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Live Search Mode

If you prefer a little bit more control, fun and real-time status; Live-Search Mode may provide it.

- If set to On, your search-box will include an engine-module table where you can search by selecting the target sources.

- With this table you can select the target sources you want the results from for this session.


- Once the search is in progress you will see the status-light next to each target source change to indicate the current status of the search. Place the mouse/pointer over any of these status-lights (mini-images) to see the status for the target source.

Pre-Search status-light
 Engine queued for search - Engines remain (queued for searching)
Search in progress status-light
 search in progress - Search in progress (currently being searched)
Post-Search status-lights
 CurryGuide: 15 results - Success (result found)
 CurryGuide: partial Data 0 results - Partial data. Target source could not return full result data in time (No results)
 CurryGuide: Time-out - Time-out. Target source could not return any result data in time (No results)
 CurryGuide: Already Done (cached) - Already searched successfully (Results found). Results are temporarily served from a very short-lived cache.

- You will always see the current Live-Search status (link) near the top-right corner of the search pages (including home page). To activate/deactivate live-search simply click on the link.

- Once a search session is complete and you still have sources not searched yet, they will be queued to continue this search. In such a case, if Combined/Blended Search is On, all results (including previously generated results for this search session) will be re-ranked to produce the final results after each search session.

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