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How qksearch works
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How our metasearch engine works

First of all, qksearch is a metasearch engine. A metasearch engine queries a number of major search engines, similar data sources simultaneously and produces the best results. A conventional search engine (usually known as major search engine) only searches with-in its own database (content index). A metasearch, on the other hand, searches multiple such major search engines and gets you the top results from all of them in one go.

This is why, a metasearch engine can simply be called as the search engine of search engines.

Here are some snapshots to show the important of using a metasearch and the disadvantage otherwise. If you want to know more about how this works, have a look inside qksearch for a detailed flowchart.

Worldwide searching without qksearch:
 searching WITHOUT qksearch
SE-1, SE-2 etc. each indicates a major search engine (data source). You search each data source separately which can be daunting, time consuming and often an impossible task to accomplish.

Truly Worldwide Searching with qksearch:
 searching with qksearch is easy and fun
Using qksearch to search them all simultaneously. A detailed flowchart showing inside of qksearch is here.


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